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Creators of portal are Companies group “Unique People” – community of enthusiasts who gathered together to create live spaces where people could be themselves and, the most important, could do things that would help them to realize and develop their individualities.

We are open for different forms of collaboration and realize that originalities of project “Unique Shopper” may allow to develop it totally in many directions, to create around it and near it wider community of people who organize the market directly of fashion-segment and also of other attendant markets.

We invite to cooperation everybody who sees it obvious what “multicolored” field may portal with all its whole of services offer for realization of your experiences and interests. Shoppers, retailers, stylists, designers, journalists, buyers, owners, photographers and other not indifferent individuals – welcome here!

ул. Культуры, 11
г. Харьков, Украина
+38 057 719 67 37
+38 057 719 67 47
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