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Creators of portal are Companies group «Unique People» - community of enthusiasts who gathered together to create live spaces where people could be themselves and, the most important, could do things that would help them to realize and develop their individualities.

The idea of the project is to become a source of inspiration for shoppers: beginners and experienced ones. For all those who are not indifferent in what they were, who are interested in playing with clothes, who wants to be taught and teach fashion. Portal’s mission is to help people to find themselves in the world of fashion. As the result they could in their own way, specially, creatively, beautifully, esthetically, with style express their individualities by means of clothes, shoes, accessories.

Portal «Unique Shopper» is not Internet-shop. This is objective and qualitative on-line base that consists of thousands of separate items’ markings and sets of them, which are sold in real stores. Important and of principal is that at portal only those clothing and shoes items are represented which RIGHT NOW – at this moment – are of presence in stores of brands chains. As the result fashion fantasies of shoppers assured become reality. There is also a plus: by means of the system of quick messages at portal users have possibilities to specify information on presence of particular sizes of items in stores, connected up to portal, and to reserve them too. Thus at portal it’s quickly and comfortable – simply with one move of one finger – to see a number of relevant items and choose for oneself a virtual look, which can easily become absolutely real.

Portal «Unique Shopper» is not glossy e-magazine. It is connected with fashion, reflects tendencies, inform on trends, but does not have for an object to dress everybody strictly in accordance with current season rules. Creators of this project have a more difficult goal: to help each shopper to gain an understanding of which items from thousands of clothes and shoes items’ markings suit exactly him/her and to find a way how most appropriate and esthetically to form own appearance in accordance with own inner life. Every registered user have a possibility to create own personal fashion on-line space. There he/she may play with fashion by means of a number of services. And do that by own rules and own taste: get to own virtual fitting-room, create own virtual wardrobes, collect photos in own photo albums, communicate with friends. 

Portal «Unique Shopper» is not digest of fashion novelties. Everything is much complicated and at the same time simplier. One of project’s goals is education in the sphere of fashion and teaching of taste. In order to create something one’s own it’s necessary to be up on at least an issue’s history. The past, the present, the future of fashion is in detail, clear, teaching, inspirational! All at once is planned to be edited in a separate section of portal.

Portal «Unique Shopper» is a live project which will permanently develop and change. We are planning in the nearest future to create not only unique objective search system but also to develop a social fashion-network. Its destination is to establish a community of people united by subjects of fashion, style, shopping, individuality, esthetics, inspiration…

Except shoppers’ community «Unique Shopper» may also be interested for retailers, designers, photographers…

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